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Dedicated Hospice Services for a Better Quality of Life

We focus on providing comfort care and support to our patients and their families.

     We accept all insurances to cover services

MediCare can cover 100% of hospice care services



The Hospice Philosophy

Our hospice care services are designed to meet the unique needs of each patient and their family.
We provide expert medical care, pain management, and emotional support to ensure that patients are comfortable and at ease throughout the end-of-life journey.

Divine Light Hospice Philosophy

Hospice provides care for patients to manage their symptoms, thereby reducing suffering and pain, managing emotional needs and providing comfort to enhance quality of life.


Hospice care not only supports patients who have limitations due to illness but also provides assistance to family members and caregivers.

Caring for a loved one in hospice can be an incredible honor and joy, and can also be very challenging. These services offer support, education, respite care and counseling to reduce stress and anxiety.

As a leading provider of hospice care services in San Diego County, all our staff and services are designed to accommodate the needs of our patients so they can live their  days in comfort and peace.Our experienced staff such as social workers and registered nurses give support to family members and information about the end of life journey and decisions that will take place.

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